Register for the March 27th CELADA Panel on Women’s Land Rights featuring a Speaker from the ILC

Experts report that while women in Africa contribute 70 per cent of food production, they often lack rights to land. As a result, donors like Canada, have been encouraged to consider and address land-related issues in their development policy, programme and research initiatives given their critical role in women’s empowerment. UN agencies such as FAO and UN Women are also working with non-governmental organizations to raise awareness among women of their rights and to support efforts to entrench equality of access in national laws.

Join CELADA on March 27th from 9:30AM to 11:30AM on the UOttawa campus for a panel presentation, featuring Dr. Ward Anseeuw from the International Land Coalition (ILC) in Rome, that will offer greater insight on how gender-sensitive land policies have translated to real progress for women’s land rights in Africa. Panelists will also debate what is needed to increase women’s security of access to land and what role Canada as a donor plays in that regard.

For more information and to register for this event, please visit our eventbrite page

***While Mike Taylor was originally chosen as the keynote speaker for this event, due to unforeseen circumstances, he can no longer travel to Ottawa. That said, he has asked his colleague at the ILC, Ward Anseeuw, to speak in his place. Ward is an expert in African land policy issues and we feel fortunate in having him as our keynote.

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