The Ugandan women who strip to defend their land

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

In Acholi culture a woman stripping in public is thought to bring a curse on her enemies. Consequently, after a long-running land dispute between authorities and communities in Apaa village in Northern Uganda came to a head, a handful of women stripped (with many others present in support) in protest over the grabbing of their land and the related abuses they say have been committed by security forces.

The Apaa village is just one example of several ongoing land conflicts in northern Uganda due to the lasting impacts of the LRA rebel movement. Many communities were moved to government camps for safety reasons while the rebel movement was active, and are now returning to and attempting to reclaim their ancestral land with difficulty.

In the case of Apaa village, Uganda’s Wildlife Authority wants to demarcate some 827 sq km (Apaa village included), an area about half the size of London, so that it can be leased to an investor to develop a private game park.

According to the residents of Apaa, some 21,000 people would be affected by the potential evictions in their village alone, meanwhile security officials have publicly admitted to using violence against those who dispute the government’s claim to this land.

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